10 Car Makers You Have Never Heard of

10 Car Makers You Have Never Heard of  
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on 08/29/2006

The Forbes magazine made a list of ten car makers you have never heard of. Except for the leading car companies which sell millions of vehicles annually, there is a whole range of small companies which sell only a couple of vehicles, usually limited editions. Those are specialized companies known only to car connoisseurs and people with big pocketbook. Still, by making a list of ten manufacturers you have never heard of, the Forbes has tried to prove that the world of ‘unknown’ does not include only elite companies.

Auto brands you've never heard of:

- Koenigsegg
- Tramontana
- Protomotors
- Spyker
- Venturi
- Leblanc
- Hongqi
- Automotive Industries.

Source: Forbes

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