20 "06" - the year of diesel

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on 02/24/2006


With the new "06" number plate cars just about to hit the roads, one thing that seems certain is that diesel models are set to take an increased market share in the UK just as they are now overtaking petrol models across Europe.

The inexorable growth of diesels across Europe, which will almost definitely see them become the preferred choice this year, saw them take over 49% of total car sales in 2005.

In the UK, diesels have also experienced a similarly rapid growth in popularity, with sales almost trebling in just the last five years to almost 900,000 in 2005, when they took 36.8% of UK sales.

And against this backdrop of rapid growth, Citroën is offering a wide range of diesel models, that includes the three most economical and cleanest diesel cars in the UK, with the C1, C2 and C3 all of which achieve better than 65mpg in official tests.

With high fuel prices, buyers are looking for economical cars that are easy on the environment. And with high economy / low CO2 models, clever Stop & Start technology and diesel particulate filters, Citroën is at the forefront of environmental design.

For the “06” models, Citroën is currently offering a wide and attractive range of offers that include up to £3650 Cashback, 0% finance, free insurance and free Satellite Navigation on certain models.

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