3-door Tata Nano could use 3-cylinder diesel power

3-door Tata Nano could use 3-cylinder diesel power  
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on 06/02/2009

To some who term this as the re-invention of the wheel, the Nano's fuel efficiency is only moving upward. Reports have emerged of a possible 3-door Tata Nano with a 800cc FEV (a German engineering company) turbocharged CRDI engine is being tested and validated by the Indian salt to software conglomerate.

Tata Motors will introduce the Nano in the Indian market in July after selecting 100,000 lucky customers out of the 203,000 who booked the car. They will be the first to get a taste of the 624cc petrol engine at rock bottom prices.

The European version christened the Nano Europa might benefit from the diesel engines lower emissions and fuel consumption traits, but one needs to wait till 2011 possibly to get any confirmation.

Source: Autobloggreen

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