Autocar predicts huge rise in car running costs

Autocar predicts huge rise in car running costs  

on 08/27/2006

Road tolls and congestion charges will take over as the biggest cost for an average motorist in the next decade according to a report by Autocar magazine. Today fixed costs like road tax, insurance, loans and depreciation considerably outweigh variable costs like fuel, servicing and tolls. This is likely to change dramatically with the expected introduction of higher tax bandings, motorway tolls and widespread congestion charges which will alter the balance.

Combining figures from The AA and Autocar’s research, running costs for a Ford Focus 1.6 driver averaging 15,000 miles per year are predicted to grow to 38p per mile, 20 percent more than the fixed costs.

An average driver can expect to spend £1000 per year just on road tolls by 2015. A 30,000 mile a year driver, will be spending £3000 a year on tolls.

Green taxes will also see our Focus driver spending around £750 per year on car tax, but any car emitting more than 225 g/km of carbon dioxide will be forking out £2000 a year to the treasury.

Chas Hallett, editor Autocar said: ‘It’s going to be a lot more costly for car drivers over the coming decade. It’s right that polluting cars should pay a penalty but the government should rethink its road tolling proposals immediately, or a lot of motorists on average incomes are going to be priced out of their cars.’

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