BMW 3 Series and X5 are named Ideal Vehicles by AutoPacific

BMW 3 Series and X5 are named Ideal Vehicles by AutoPacific  
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on 06/15/2006

BMW has received double honors in AutoPacific's new Ideal Vehicle Awards (IVA). The 2006 BMW 3 Series was named Ideal Entry Luxury Car, while the 2006 BMW X5 SAV received the award for Ideal Luxury Sport Utility Vehicle. According to AutoPacific, the new fifth generation BMW 3 Series "may be the new benchmark in its segment with 3 Series owners requiring little change in the car." Owners found 3 Series comfort and exterior size near ideal. AutoPacific stated that the BMW X5 "pulls ahead of its competition" and provides owners with ideal passenger area and visibility.

In the first Ideal Vehicle Awards, awarded by automotive research and consulting firm AutoPacific, owners rated their new 2006 model year cars and trucks by how closely they come to their ideal. The cars or trucks that owners would change the least are the most ideal. AutoPacific's IVA results demonstrate that those carmakers that best understand their customers and create the vehicle their core buyer group desires, have come closest to the ideal.

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Respondents rated 11 attributes concerning whether they desired to change them or not after having owned and driven their vehicle for 90 days. All of these attributes pertain directly to the product.

"We are delighted to receive these awards from AutoPacific for the new 3 Series and the X5," noted Tom Purves, Chairman and CEO of BMW of North America. "The 3 Series continues to set the standard for Sport Sedans and the X5 remains the benchmark for luxury Sports Activity Vehicles. These awards demonstrate that we listen to our customers and produce driving machines that are the ideal combination of performance, luxury, and value."

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