Bosch and Getrag agree to work together on hybrid systems with dual-clutch transmissions

Bosch and Getrag agree to work together on hybrid systems with dual-clutch transmissions  
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on 06/06/2006

Bosch and Getrag have agreed to work together on hybrid systems. The cooperation agreement covers the development and marketing of parallel hybrid systems in conjunction with dual-clutch transmissions and electrical final-drive units. Key aspects of the collaboration include the integration of mechanical and electrical components and the development of appropriate software. Hybrid drive systems combine an internal-combustion engine with an electric drive. In the case of parallel hybrids, the electric drive is fitted directly into the power flow of the drivetrain. The

electric drive is used as a motor when accelerating and is used to convert kinetic energy into electrical energy when braking. The dual-clutch transmission enables easy and energy-efficient automatic shifting. Collaboration work also involves the development of final-drive units with directly integrated electric motors. Hybrid drive systems can significantly reduce fuel consumption, particularly in urban traffic. Depending on the system design, fuel savings of up to 20 percent can be achieved in the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) as compared to drive systems relying exclusively on conventional gasoline engines.

The competencies of the two companies complement each other. Getrag offers a broad product portfolio covering the entire drivetrain and especially dual-clutch transmission technology. As a leading supplier of engine and transmission management systems, Bosch brings to the partnership comprehensive know-how in electrical machinery and the necessary power electronics. Dieter Schlenkermann, Chairman of the Board of Management of the Getrag Group, emphasizes: "The cooperation we have established with the world's largest supplier to the automotive industry is highly promising for the future development of hybrid drive technology. The know-how of both companies will put us in the position to offer our customers throughout the world cutting-edge solutions for future drive concepts." Dr. Bernd Bohr, member of the Bosch Board of Management and Chairman of the Automotive Group, declares: "Together we can offer automobile manufacturers a highly integrated and compact hybrid system that will enable low fuel consumption and excellent vehicle dynamics."

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