Citroën launches enhanced traction Berlingo XTR+

Citroën launches enhanced traction Berlingo XTR+  
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on 06/05/2006

Citroën Berlingo XTR+Citroën Berlingo XTR+Citroën Berlingo XTR+

Citroën’s popular Berlingo range has now been further expanded with the launch of the enhanced traction Berlingo 2.0HDi 600 XTR+, making it even easier for customers to choose the optimum vehicle specification for each individual application. This new model strengthens a range that already includes a choice of diesel and petrol engines, no less than nine load door configurations, 600 and 800kg payload vans, three trim levels and a unique platform cab for special bodywork.

The new Berlingo 2.0HDi 600 XTR+ enhanced traction van is the only van of its type available in the sector. It has been introduced to meet the operational requirements of a variety of customers, including UK public utilities, forestry and agricultural users.

Citroën has specifically developed this new addition to the Berlingo range utilising data from its major customers in these sectors. This feedback showed that these operators require off-road capability from their light vans. However, as their vehicles spend most of their working lives on-road, any off-road capability provided must not increase operating costs or compromise this aspect of their operation.

The Berlingo 2.0HDi 600 XTR+ is based on the Berlingo 2.0HDi 600 van, with the addition of:-

- a sophisticated limited-slip differential system

- raised, heavy duty suspension and revised steering geometry

- comprehensive underbody protection

- 15” wheels and larger section tyres

With these benefits, the new Berlingo 2.0HDi 600 XTR+ delivers the improved off-road capability these operators require. But, thanks to its two wheel drive configuration, it does this without the higher capital cost, weight and running costs associated with more costly four wheel drive vehicles - and it also has safe and economic on-road characteristics.

Key to the new Berlingo 2.0HDi 600 XTR+ achieving this enhanced off-road capability is its sophisticated, multi-plate limited slip differential. In slippery, off-road conditions this can automatically apportion up to 75 per cent of the engine’s torque between the two driving wheels. This ability to automatically transfer – without any input from the driver - the majority of the available torque from the driving wheel with the least grip to that with the most grip, greatly enhances off-road performance.

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To complement its improved off-road capability the Berlingo 2.0HDi 600 XTR+ has increased ground clearance by 40mm over the standard Berlingo van. This higher ground clearance is achieved with uprated, heavy duty suspension and larger 15in diameter, wider section wheels with reinforced centres. The Berlingo 2.0HDi 600 XTR+ is also equipped with Michelin Synchrone 4x4 185/65 R15 tyres, which provide the optimum combination of both off and on road grip.

The new Berlingo 2.0HDi 600 XTR+ has heavy duty metal sump protection and two large, longitudinal metal skid plates protecting other underbody components such as brake and fuel lines. This comprehensive underbody package provides the new model with a level of protection commensurate with its off-road capability. The Berlingo 2.0HDi 600 XTR+ is now available with a Manufacturers Recommended Basic Price of just £12,045 + VAT+ delivery.

Robert Handyside, Citroën’s commercial vehicle operations manager, remarks, “The latest XTR+ model significantly increases the appeal of the Berlingo range by opening up additional market sectors for our best-selling commercial vehicle range.”

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