Cleaner cars add value

Cleaner cars add value  

on 04/06/2006

Source: Peugeot

8 April marks the start of Spring Cleaning Week. Homes up and down the country (UK) will be getting attacked with a feather duster – but how many of us will take the time to clean out our cars?

According to research less than one in four of us clean the inside of our cars more than once a year*. Not only can dirty cars be dangerous – whether it’s mud covering lights or rubbish rolling under feet when driving – but it can also devalue a car in terms of resale worth.

For those lucky enough to own a Peugeot 1007, the days of stained upholstery and tatty looking interiors are numbered. The innovative Cameleo trim concept gives owners two sets of interchangeable interior trims, from 12 different style options. So should your interior look a bit dirty, or you just fancy a change, it can be replaced. And even more conveniently, the eight changeable seat covers can all be removed and put in the washing machine, leaving the upholstery freshened with food, drink and muddy boot stains a thing of the past.

Each kit consists of 18 parts (two fascia panel mats, four air vent covers, two door panels, two rear storage covers, eight seat covers), and changing the kit can be done by the owner in a matter of minutes. Additional sets can also be purchased for just £185. So if you really do hate cleaning the inside of your car – maybe you should think about getting a new one … or buy the new Peugeot 1007.

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