Demand for Peugeot 307 CC is up

Demand for Peugeot 307 CC is up  

on 04/11/2006

Source: Peugeot

Despite the biting weather of March plummeting the UK into below average temperatures, sales of Peugeot’s 307 Coupé Cabriolet (CC) were up 27% in March, and up 44% for the year to date.

Though temperatures for March dropped a staggering four degrees below that of last year*, it’s clear many customers are prepared to brave the cold weather in anticipation of a warm summer, by buying into the pleasures of owning a new Peugeot 307 CC.

David Brookman, Sales Director at Peugeot, commented: "March has certainly seen some extreme cold weather across the UK, so we’re delighted to see such buoyant sales for the weather-responsive 307 CC. Regardless of the UK’s changeable weather, our customers seem to have a real love affair with open-top motoring. And with many people predicting a long hot summer this year, Peugeot 307 CC owners are clearly in pole position."

And should the weather decide to turn wet and miserable, the spacious four-seater CC’s fully automatic, rigid integral roof closes in less than 25 seconds, taking the driver from wind-in-the-hair motoring to the insulated comfort of a hardtop coupé in little time at all. Combined with the best-selling 206, Peugeot sell more open-top cars than any other brand in the UK market.

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