Dodge Set for Marketing Launch of All-New 2007 Caliber

Dodge Set for Marketing Launch of All-New 2007 Caliber  
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on 03/24/2006


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This Sunday, Dodge, the Chrysler Group's best-selling brand, will begin marketing efforts to communicate the global launch of its all-new 2007 Caliber. The Dodge Caliber is one of nine new vehicles launched by the brand in 2005 and 2006.

"With bold styling, five-door functionality, space-efficient packaging and clever innovations, the all-new 2007 Dodge Caliber is designed to appeal to global consumers looking for value in a vehicle that stands out from the crowd," said George Murphy, Senior Vice President - Global Marketing, Chrysler Group. "Starting at $13,985, Dodge Caliber is not your typical small car, and our target market is not your typical consumer.

"In fact, this target demographic is extremely influential and equally difficult to reach," continued Murphy. "They prefer brands that are perceived as hip and popular, but not too commercial; they respond best to messages that are available where they congregate, both on- and off-line. For Dodge Caliber, one of our keys to success will be connecting with consumers on their terms using their technology."

The primary U.S. target market for Dodge Caliber is a single 25 to 35-year-old male or female (50/50 split) with a college education and a median income of $45,000. Many will be first-time new car buyers. The secondary target market is a 40-plus-year-old parent in search of a new car for their child. These parents demand affordability and safety, and consider the overall cost of ownership before purchasing a vehicle.

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The underlying theme that runs through all Dodge Caliber creative is 'Make Your Presence Felt,' which translates uniquely across various markets. For the national market, this translates into "It's Anything but Cute." In the African American market, this translates into "Respect the Unexpected" and "Lightweight, a lot of Character" (Peso Ligero, Mucho Caracter) for the Hispanic consumer market.

"It's Anything But Cute"

The tagline for the national marketing campaign is "It's Anything But Cute." The campaign pokes fun at the traditional perception of small cars as "cute" and strategically positions the Caliber as anything but. Messages are delivered in a humorous, irreverent manner which appeals to this specific target demographic.

Interactive/Integrated Marketing

Dodge will allocate 20 percent of its Caliber advertising budget to non- traditional, interactive on-line outlets and gaming. The brand will focus on specific outlets including comedy, music, animation and sports.

Caliber content and games will be found on various lifestyle Web sites including The Onion, Daily Candy, The Knot and Office Pirates. In addition, Dodge will tap into social networking opportunities on, and Avatar on Yahoo! and MSN, where these target consumers typically self-express, self-publish and discover new ideas.

On, 30 modules will highlight and demonstrate key product features including the Chill Zone(TM) beverage storage bin, illuminated front cup holder rings, and the MusicGate Power(TM) Boston Acoustics sound system.

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The Chill Zone is a cooled beverage storage bin that can hold up to four 20-oz. bottles or cans. Illuminated front cup holder rings glow an electroluminescent blue to match other center stack lighting. The MusicGate Power is an available 458-watt Boston Acoustics nine-speaker premium sound system with a subwoofer and two articulating speakers packaged in the liftgate. When the liftgate is open, speakers can swing down to face rearward for tailgating and other activities.


Dodge Caliber commercials begin airing Sunday, March 26 and will run on both network and cable stations. Following are brief descriptions for five of the commercials:

"Too Tough" opens on a big city skyline. A fairy flies into the scene intent on changing the tough into cute. With a wave of her magic wand, she turns a gothic-looking building into a gingerbread house. Next, she turns an elevated train into a cute old-fashioned toy train. Then she notices the new Dodge Caliber. She pursues the Caliber and tries to turn the Caliber into something cute. On her last attempt, her magic spell reflects off the side of the Caliber and knocks her to the ground. A tough guy walking his tough dog walks by and laughs. She flicks her wand and turns him into a cute guy walking several small, wimpy dogs. The spot is brought home with the tag line, "Introducing the all-new Dodge Caliber. It's anything but cute."

"Moon Dog" opens on a Dodge Caliber driving in a city. The Caliber passes a cute car with a cute dog looking out the side window. The dog whines as the Caliber passes. The Caliber passes another cute car with another cute dog staring outside. The dog whimpers as the Caliber passes. Scene cuts to inside of the Caliber. The driver glances over his shoulder and sees his dog looking at him. The driver says, "You are one sick puppy." The commercial cuts to the exterior of the Caliber to reveal that the dog inside is "mooning" the other dogs. Another cute dog reacts to the moon. The Caliber drives away with the dog still mooning, "Introducing the all-new Dodge Caliber. It's anything but cute."

"Focus Group" opens on a moderator pulling a sheet off of and revealing the new Dodge Caliber. A group of automotive executives watch the scene from an observation room. "So what do you think?" the moderator asks. The focus group consists of five ultra-cute little creatures. "It doesn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside," says the first fluffy little critter. "It's not adorable. It's not huggable. It's not cuddly," the rest chime in. One even says that it scares him. Back in the observation room, car executives are all smiles. "Just the response we were looking for," says one to his colleague. The spot concludes with, "Introducing the all-new Dodge Caliber. It's anything but cute."

"Wave" opens with a young woman as she walks down the street and passes a beauty salon offering free facials. Passing up the offer, she continues on her way and gets into her new Dodge Caliber. She plugs her iPod into the built-in connector and starts driving out of the city. The voice-over points out the bold styling and agility expected from a Dodge vehicle. The spot transitions from the urban environment to a coastal environment. It is clear the woman is headed for the beach. At the beach, she pulls out a water bottle from the Chill Zone and lowers the vehicle's music gate. The viewer sees the spacious cargo area as the rear seats fold. The voice-over describes all of the unexpected features of the Caliber (Chill Zone and MusicGate Power Boston Acoustics sound system) as the woman grabs her surfboard and heads for the beach. Instead of attending a beach party or sunbathing, she hits the water on her surfboard. Voice-over ends with the tag line, "Respect the Unexpected."

"Boxer" opens with a tight shot of the Dodge Caliber radio volume button and a gymnasium combination lock on a split screen. A Caliber speaker and wheel are also displayed side-by-side with a split screen. The spot continues showing the Caliber and a boxer in a variety of activities, including a grille shot while the boxer is bench pressing, and a shot of the Caliber rear hatch and MusicGate sound system next to the boxer flexing his back muscles. As the boxer's workout intensifies, the camera shows the Caliber Chill Zone as a cold bottle of water is taken from the compartment. Additional scenes show the Caliber's speakers resonating as the boxer hits a speed bag. Caliber performance is demonstrated by showing the piston movement as the boxer jumps rope beside it. The Caliber's speed and agility is demonstrated as it sprints down an open stretch as the Boxer runs alongside it and up the gymnasium stairs. The spot concludes with the Caliber navigating through gymnasium beams as the boxer bobs and weaves under an intense light. The Caliber then slides into frame as the boxer hits a punching bag in the background and the announcer says: "The New Dodge Caliber: Lightweight; lots of Character."

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