Double top for Civic 5-door and hybrid

Double top for Civic 5-door and hybrid  
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on 04/07/2006

Source: Honda

The Honda Civic Hybrid and the Swindon-built Civic 5-door are winning battles with key competitors in the important residual values arena.

New April figures from CAP place the 1.8 SE 5-door Civic on a par with its key competitor, the Volkswagen Golf 1.6 SE – while the new Civic Hybrid is three percent ahead of close rival Toyota Prius.

Because it benefits from a lower list price – as well as better fuel economy and more power – after a 3 year/60,000 mile period, a Civic 5-door would save its owner more than £500 in depreciation alone, compared to the Golf.

The Civic Hybrid results are even more impressive – with over £1300 saved over the Prius for the same period.

"It's great to see our continued focus on residual values having a positive effect," said Stephen Hollings, Head of Corporate Sales at Honda (UK). "Our new Civic Hybrid proves going green is as good for your wallet as it is for the environment – it is officially the most affordable hybrid car in Britain and the 'no compromise' approach of competitive price, high spec and impressive performance will no doubt prove popular with cost-conscious company car drivers."

Ewan Ramsay, General Manager – Cars, for Honda (UK), said: "We knew the 5-door Civic would prove a huge hit and the reaction from press and public alike has helped establish these class-leading residual values. The car is a great boost for British manufacturing and a credit to our 4000 workers at the Swindon plant."

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