Driver Training and Instructor College glad to be back with Renault Adding Va Va Voom to its Fleet

Driver Training and Instructor College glad to be back with Renault Adding Va Va Voom to its Fleet  
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on 04/03/2006

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Learner driving instructors in the Yorkshire area will now be able to inject some Va Va Voom into their lessons as one of the North of England’s largest driving instructor companies, Driver Training and Instructor College, has added New Clio to its fleet.

This is the second time Driver Training and Instructor College has opted for Renault on its fleet, returning to Renault after a change to another manufacturer became a decision Driver Training and Instructor College regretted when the other manufacturer’s vehicles consistently broke down.

Steve Pickard, Director, Driver Training & Instructor College, said; “Changing our fleet from Renault to another manufacturer was a decision we regretted after problems with the other vehicles started almost straight away with cars off the road for long periods of time and the same types of faults affecting nearly all the vehicles.

He added, “We are very happy to be back with Renault and wished we’d stuck with Renault all along!”

New Clio will be used to train driving instructors eventually allowing them to qualify to teach learner drivers and set up their own Driver Training & Instructor College (DTIC) franchise or operate independently, and in both cases, purchasing their own vehicle for the job. As research shows a large number of learner drivers actually go on to purchase the vehicle they learn to drive in, it’s an excellent business win for Renault.

Halifax based DTIC currently has sixteen trainers and instructors operating their own DTIC franchises across the North of England, with Renault vehicles including Clio, Modus and Mégane consistently favoured by the instructors. In addition to New Clio, DTIC also has its own Mégane automatic used for learner tuition and it has also proved popular with drivers.

Steve Pickard, Director, Driver Training & Instructor College, said; “The feedback we have received about our Renaults is very positive and the vehicles are reliable and liked by both the instructors and learners. One of our trainers has just purchased a Mégane for his franchise. In his job he has sat in quite a number of cars but says the Mégane is the most comfortable he has ever driven.

“Other things that appealed to us were the excellent service intervals which are crucial with the amount of miles we do and the safety features of our Renaults many of which are standard such as ABS so are excellent value for money. In addition the three-year breakdown assistance plan was a factor in our choice, which is something quite rare”.

New Clio was also chosen because it is a small and easy car to handle and for DTIC, it was another reason it appealed, as it is essential their learners enjoy the car they are learning in.

Steve Pickard added; “Renault cars, and in particular its New Clio, are modern, fun, stylish and certainly give our learners Va Va Voom! We’ve had a variety of vehicles within the driving school but the Renaults come out tops for an all round driving school vehicle”.

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