Footbal heroes to star in London Parade

Footbal heroes to star in London Parade  
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on 07/07/2006

Source: Toyota

Win or lose, they won a place in our hearts with their speed and strength, and deserve our applause one last time before they head off to retirement. So what better way than a parade through the streets of London fit for heroes? No, not the England squad, but the famous football playing Toyota Aygos from Top Gear TV.

A reported third of a billion viewers saw the game when it was broadcast last year and millions more have seen repeats and web streams. Now the ‘players’ face retirement, but will make one more appearance before the fans. Two of the cars will play keepy-uppy with a giant ball in what is sure to be a highly memorable part of the 100 Years of Cars parade in London on Sunday, 16 July.

The parade will be some 250 cars long and run from Piccadilly Circus to Trafalgar Square from 2.30pm as part of the build up to the British International Motor Show at Excel in London which opens the following week. The list of exotic cars and celebrity drivers could fill a gossip magazine, but the cheeky chipping Aygo footballers with their five foot diameter ball will be a truly unique and unrepeatable sight.

Fancy playing Aygo football yourself? Simply log on to where it’s you against the Aygo and it’s all down to penalties. Try and score six goals in 60 seconds!

Unlike real footballers, the Top Gear Car of the Year winning Aygo is neither expensive nor prone to injury with prices from £6,730 to £9,080 with Toyota’s three-year/60,000mile warranty as standard. Owning one could be your very own match of the day.

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