Ford confirmed as leader in corporate responsibility

Ford confirmed as leader in corporate responsibility  
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on 05/16/2006

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Ford Motor Company is the most responsible corporate citizen among automotive firms in Britain, according to an independent poll. Ford comes top of its sector in Business in the Community's 2006 "Companies that Count" survey and 59th overall.

Business in the Community represents over 750 companies, including Ford, that are working to improve the way that business affects society. In the fourth annual "Companies that Count" survey Ford was awarded an improved score over last year of 88 per cent overall. The company was rated across five sections: strategy, integrating responsible practice into all parts of the operation, management practice, company performance and disclosure.

Companies were interrogated across all five sections with 70 questions and requests for evidence. The ranking process was then checked by independent verifiers. Ford was recognized for outstanding performance related to management of the environment, market place and work place.

Andy Taylor, Ford's European corporate citizenship director, said: "Ford is very aware of the impact it has both as Britain's best selling car and commercial vehicle manufacturer and as a major employer with 12 locations in the UK. With this major presence comes an expectation that we do business as responsible and trusted citizens."

"Our success as a 'Company that Counts' in Britain confirms that Ford does act responsibly. Our Dagenham wind turbines and the introduction by Ford of the first biofuel vehicles in the UK, are good examples of a responsible corporate citizen at work."

Ford's Dagenham Diesel Centre (DDC) is the company's only wind-powered plant in the world and saves thousands of tonnes of power station emissions.

The turbines generate enough electricity to supply the equivalent of 2,500 homes. In the plant the highly acclaimed 2.7-litre V6 diesel engine and the recently announced sister V8 version of this engine are built using exclusively green energy. Even the site's electric pool car vehicles are recharged using power from the turbines.

Latest generation diesel engines such as the Dagenham-built 2.7-litre V6 and 3.6-litre V8 units demonstrate how Ford's products benefit the whole community. Diesel engines are among the cleanest and most fuel efficient of all internal combustion engines, burning on average 30 per cent less fuel and producing 25 per cent less CO2 emissions than equivalent petrol-engined vehicles.

Ford has also pioneered the introduction of flexible fuel vehicles to the UK. The Ford Focus Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV), which went on sale in August 2005, is Britain's first biofuel car. The Ford Focus FFV can run on bioethanol or petrol in any mix in the same fuel tank.

Bioethanol is a renewable transport fuel made from ingredients such as wheat or sugar beet. While only a flexible fuel car, such as the Ford Focus can be driven just on bioethanol, any petrol-engined vehicle can be filled with fuel with a five per cent bio-ethanol content. CO2 emissions from bioethanol are almost cancelled out by the CO2 absorbed by the crops used in making the fuel such as wheat and sugar beet as they grow prior to harvest.

Corporate Social Responsibility profile

In a separate development, Ford has been listed on a CBI website ( profiling companies who are doing innovative work in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The purpose is that other companies and CBI members will be able to benefit from this information.

Updated quarterly, each profile examines why the company is implementing CSR initiatives, the successes and failures, and how the programmes are delivering to the company's business objectives. Ford's profile includes details about how the company is investing in renewable energy generation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The CBI have teamed up with Article 13 to produce these profiles. Article 13 are specialist advisors in corporate social responsibility, governance and sustainable development.

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