G-Power Wheel Styling III

G-Power Wheel Styling III  
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on 08/31/2006

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G-Power Wheel Styling IIIG-Power Wheel Styling IIIG-Power Wheel Styling III

BMW refiner and upgrader G-POWER from Brunsbüttel, Germany, has another new development for all enthusiasts of the Bavarian brand. Every BMW model is always well “soled” with the refined wheel Styling III (limited edition). The timelessly attractive 16-spoke wheel center rules the face of this unique wheel. It makes the new G-POWER Styling III (limited edition) forged wheel a classic with value retention already today. Through its special construction, the wheelhouse venting was improved by 15% and thus has a positive effect on the braking temperature.

The G-POWER Styling III is custom-made in a small limited series for BMW automobiles. This three-part forged wheel is produced especially for the customer’s vehicle and supplied with the customer number. The biggest advantage of this special series and type of construction is the possibility of individual production in all sizes and widths. G-POWER can thus respond specifically to special requests when it comes to the size design, respectively to the relationship of the size to the width! The rim spokes are also available in special request colors as well as in a front-polished model.

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The three-part spun forged and machined Styling III is adapted directly at G-POWER and offers all the characteristics of a genuine tuner wheel. In this way, instead of a standard wheel customers receive an uncompromising rim fit into the wheelhouse. It doesn’t get any more individual than that!

High tech brought into shape

The production of such high-grade forged wheels belongs to the king of disciplines when it comes to wheel technology. In the elaborate forging process, the aluminum is compacted to such an extent that a homogenous metal structure is produced without pores or cavities. This highly compressed material is characterized by extremely high strength despite its low mass (equals low weight). And so the G-POWER wheel Styling III withstood an impressive wheel load of 1000 kg during testing by TÜV (German motor vehicle inspection).

Through the elaborate processing technology of “Made in Germany” OE quality and special heat treatment (racing stability!), G-POWER has thus developed a forged wheel that already today is a classic with value retention. The new G-POWER aluminum wheel Styling III – limited edition – is painted diamond-silver and regularly available in the sizes of 19 to 22 inches as well as in the widths 8.0 – 11.0 inches depending on the vehicle type, and also in (virtually) any custom-made model.

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Low weight with an ever-glossy surface

And as if that were not enough: Even more advantages of this “genuine” three-part forged wheel made of airplane aluminum are the low weight – up to 40% lighter than series wheels – and the reduction in the unsprung, rotating masses.
As an example: the dynamic wheel weights of the G-POWER Styling III – limited edition – reduced this way add up to 80-100 kg applied to the vehicle. This equates to the effect of traveling with one person less. The G-POWER titanium screws save another 35% in weight in comparison to a conventional screwing – with almost unlimited resistance to corrosion.

Due to their weight optimization, G-POWER forged wheels have a lower tendency to jump (fewer unsprung masses), thus offering optimum contact with the road and better road adhesion. In addition to more safety, the high cornering force thus achieved offers the driver clearly higher driving comfort, which is particularly important in connection with ultra-low profile tires!

The special material surfaces of the highly robust stainless steel outer rims are highly condensed in a unique special procedure. These exclusive G-POWER outer rims do not require any painting or coating that would age and weather with time. The surfaces of the rims are dirt-resistant and even remain highly polished and easy to clean when used in winter. Even the inner rims of the G-POWER Styling III – limited edition – wheel are “salt resistant” through a special aluminum coating.

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