GM Hy-Wire automobile (video)

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on 05/10/2006

General Motors has released video of Hy-wire, the first drivable vehicle that combines a hydrogen fuel cell with by-wire technology.

Not a car you will ever be able to buy, but definitely a sign of the future. Probably the most advanced power system in the world: a completely non polluting fuel cell that takes hydrogen and produces electricity with the only by-product being a little bit of water vapour. As if that wasn't enough, all the controls are "by-wire" with no physical linkages from accelerator, brake or even steering wheel. That means the driver can press a button to change from right hand drive to left hand drive. How convenient would that be for European holidays?

Power: 82 bhp
Top speed: 99 mph
0 - 62 mph: 16.0 seconds
Fuel consumption: Range of 124 miles

Length, mm: 5000
Width, mm: N/A
Height, mm: N/A
Boot, litres: N/A
Fuel Tank, litres: 3 hydrogen tanks pressurised to 5,000 psi
Dry Weight, kg: 1900

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