Garmin GPS Units Now Available at Saab Dealerships in Europe

Garmin GPS Units Now Available at Saab Dealerships in Europe  
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on 07/10/2006

Source: Garmin International Inc.

Garmin (Europe) Ltd has today announced that Saab automotive dealerships in Europe are now offering customers the opportunity to purchase a nuvi 300 satellite navigation unit directly from the dealer's showroom. The units are being supplied by Garmin distributor, Sportsmanship International AB. "GPS navigational devices continue to be highly sought after in Europe," says Garmin's EMEA General Manager, Sean Biddlecombe. "We are very excited that Saab has selected Garmin as one of its GPS providers. Saab's customers can now experience the benefits of travelling with nuvi from the moment they take possession of their new car."

Thanks to nuvi's versatility as a GPS navigator, personal travel assistant, and digital entertainment system, drivers will have helpful tools throughout every portion of their trip. The nuvi includes a large, preloaded points of interest database that makes it easy for users to find and route to their destination. Custom points of interest may also be loaded on the unit. With the optional TMC traffic receiver, nuvi can also notify drivers of traffic and will automatically suggest and calculate alternative routes around any queues.

The personal travel kit offers helpful resources, such as the Garmin Language Guide(TM) that provides written translations of words and phrases, Garmin Travel Guide(TM) that gives information about tourist sites and popular attractions, MP3 player, audio book player, JPEG picture viewer, currency converter, world travel clock and calculator.

The nuvi is equipped with a new high-sensitivity, SiRFstarIII GPS receiver, which acquires a GPS signal quickly and is capable of maintaining a signal in heavy foliage or "urban canyons" created by skyscrapers.

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