German cars are winners say British company car drivers

German cars are winners say British company car drivers  
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on 06/22/2006

British drivers are cheering on German cars, despite the wave of patriotic World Cup fever sweeping the country. Indeed, one in every three British company car drivers would like to drive a German vehicle, according to new research by Lex Vehicle Leasing. German makes like Audi, BMW, Volkswagen and Mercedes are favoured by a third (32%) of business drivers surveyed by Ipsos MORI, who believe that their companies should encourage employees to drive cars from the World Cup host nation. Japanese cars such as Honda or Toyota are preferred by a quarter of company car drivers, with American cars like Ford or Vauxhall chosen by 17%. Cars from the Far East, such as Proton, get only 7% of votes.

The good news is that home built vehicles are still reckoned to be best with more than half of British drivers (53%) wanting their cars to be made in the UK no matter what their make.

But driver power is paying dividends, with British firms listening to their employees’ preference for German vehicles. Lex, which provides 178,000 vehicles to British businesses and is the leader in its field, reveals that four out of the top five company cars on UK roads are German. The Audi A4 is the most popular company car in the country, with the Volkswagen Golf in second place, BMW’s 3 series in fourth and the VW Passat in fifth. Only the British-built Vauxhall Astra makes the top five, in third position.

Lex Managing Director Jon Walden says: "German cars still carry the badge of prestige and quality and many fleet drivers who are given a choice by their companies do choose them. Nonetheless, it’s heartening to see that more than half of drivers want to support British manufacturing."

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