Green business as usual

Green business as usual  
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on 06/08/2006

Honda will continue to build and sell cleaner cars in the UK, despite the Government’s announcement yesterday that it will not implement a low carbon car grants scheme.

Latest research carried out by Honda (UK)* says 35 per cent of people think the Government is most responsible for making sure we drive cleaner cars. Asthma sufferers are even more convinced. 71 per cent of people with Asthma think the Government is not doing enough to reduce traffic fumes.**

Jeff Dodds, Head of Marketing, Honda (UK), says: "It will be difficult to convince motorists in this country to adopt cleaner cars without low carbon grants, but regardless, we will continue to develop today’s hybrid technology, and tomorrow’s fuel cell vehicles. Hopefully, at some point in the future, the British public will be given further incentives to drive cleaner cars."

Honda’s latest low emissions vehicle, the Civic Hybrid, emits just 109g/km of CO2. The FCX, Honda’s fuel cell car, produces zero emissions and is currently in development in Japan and the USA.

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