Honda’s new lawnmower technology shows its strength

Honda’s new lawnmower technology shows its strength  
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on 04/20/2006

Source: Honda

Honda claims its lawnmowers are built better to last longer and believes there’s more to cutting-edge mower technology than just blades…and here’s the proof.

Demonstrating the extraordinary strength of Honda mowers, a Honda CR-V vehicle was recently displayed at a Honda dealership on four standard HRX lawnmower decks rather than a conventional, purpose-built metal car platform (see picture).

The CR-V is a medium-sized family car weighing 1517 kg unladen – equivalent to the weight of about two dozen adults. The reason the decks can support this weight is that all models in the HRX range have hi-tech decks made of Polystrong® polypropylene or Xenoy®. These are all exceptionally strong yet lightweight materials that utilise the same philosophy which goes into Honda’s Formula 1 car. But, unlike Formula 1 cars, the HRX decks are also rust-proof and dent-proof.

With 17”, 19” and 21” models available, the HRX range caters for every lawn size. All HRX mowers have exceptional specifications with state-of-the-art, 4-stroke engines which help create 30% less noise than required by the current EC directive (2004).

Even the 17” push mower comes with Honda’s unique Roto-stop® system which stops the blades while the engine is running, allowing the grass bag to be emptied safely and the mower to be taken across rough surfaces like gravel. And the 19” model has hydrostatic drive, with a variable forward speed to allow users to cut at their own pace.

The 21” HRX models showcase even more advanced technology. Features include the Versamow™ combined mowing and mulching system and the MicroCut Twin Blades cutting system which creates finer clippings that results in 50% more mowing per bag.

As with all Honda lawn and garden equipment, the HRX mowers have the longest and most comprehensive warranty in the industry - all Honda mowers used in a domestic environment come with a standard five-year warranty, subject to annual servicing.

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