Irish Singer Ronan Keating Completes BMW Driver Training

Irish Singer Ronan Keating Completes BMW Driver Training  
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on 06/05/2006

Source: BMW Group

On Saturday, 27 May, Irish singer Ronan Keating used his time out between two concerts for a BMW driver training session at the BMW Driver Training Centre at Munich Airport. Driving various BMWs such as the 330i, M5, and M6, he practised his ability to respond safely and appropriately in critical traffic situations.

Apart from basics such as finding the right seating position and acquiring a fundamental knowledge of driving physics, Ronan Keating also practised controlled oversteer, slalom exercises, and his ability to avoid obstacles suddenly looming up ahead. Particularly these dynamic driving exercises completed splendidly by the dyed-in-the-wool motoring aficionado required absolute precision in performing the tasks set.

One of the phenomena Ronan Keating experienced is that it is really a challenge, even with all electronic driving aids switched off, to make a BMW oversteer, since BMW cars are conceived from the start for more pronounced understeer. But precisely following his instructor's recommendations, he succeeded not only in making the car oversteer, but also in successfully bringing it back on track, in some cases even in a spectacular drift.

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The proud owner of a BMW M6, Ronan Keating stated himself that he would benefit in future from this training experience. He expressed a particularly positive view not just of the driving pleasure he had enjoyed, but also of the learning effect offered by BMW Driver Training giving not just beginners, but also experienced drivers like Ronan Keating himself, important information and significant help for driving safely and with a clear view of the road ahead and situations probably upcoming.

The training units compiled especially for Ronan Keating were taken from various programmes in BMW Driver Training. Indeed, BMW's tradition in this area goes back all the way to 1977, when BMW became one of the first carmakers to offer driver safety training. Both at the time and today, the objective was and is to give the customer the opportunity to gain even better knowledge of his - or her - car, hone his skills of perception, and intensify the driver's feeling for technology as well as the potential hazards of everyday traffic.

In the meantime more than 17,000 participants take the opportunity each year to expand and perfect their driving skills in BMW Driver Training.

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