JCB Dieselmax exceeds 300mph

JCB Dieselmax exceeds 300mph  
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on 08/18/2006

Source: JCB Dieselmax

JCB Dieselmax moved a step closer to its ultimate goal and realised more of its potential as Andy Green exceeded 300 mph for the first time on the Bonneville Salt Flats yesterday. Running late in the afternoon, just before five o’clock, he averaged 308.252 mph through a measured mile at the legendary home of land speed record breaking.

“The run went exactly as it says in the book,” Green said.

“We had a good push start and our hard work yesterday and the previous day solved the problem of the rear engine failing to come on to boost. The car was pulling like a train and it behaved perfectly, with virtually zero wheelspin. I could feel the car moving around a little at today’s maximum speed but it remained very controllable.

“JCB DIESELMAX performed comfortably within its capacity of going well over 300 mph, and we were not flat out today. I’m happy with the run.”

The sole problem was a failure of the first braking parachute as it was deployed. “I was grateful for the exhaust brake,” Green said. “That worked perfectly, and the second ‘chute worked fine at a lower deployment speed.”

A delighted Dr Tim Leverton, Project Director said “This was a great run and very rewarding for the whole team who have worked so hard this week to break the 300mph barrier with the JCB DIESELMAX.

We are looking forward to tomorrow and exceeding 300mph again.”

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