Jaguar XJ travels more than 1,000 miles on one tank of fuel

Jaguar XJ travels more than 1,000 miles on one tank of fuel  
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on 04/20/2006

A Jaguar XJ saloon has travelled the length of the UK on just one tank of fuel – and then went on to top 1,000 miles in total.

The luxury XJ TDVi completed the trip from John O'Groat’s to Land’s End – a distance of 840 miles – with average fuel consumption of 53.5mpg*. Having reached Land’s End, the driver headed back to Jaguar's Midlands HQ without refuelling and reached a total of 1000.2 miles before the tank ran dry.

The outstanding achievement is testament to the XJ's inherent technological strengths, which include advanced aluminium body construction and a state-of-the-art, twin-turbocharged V6 diesel engine.

The XJ TDVi was standard and was even complete with satellite-navigation, CD auto-changer, Premium Sound and rear DVD screens.

The XJ TDVi Diesel boasts an average fuel consumption figure of 35mpg (8.1l/100km) combined cycle, 26.0mpg (10.8l/100km) Urban and 43.7mpg (6.5l/100km) Extra Urban and produces just 214g/km CO2, which is outstanding for a car offering the space, comfort and performance of the award-winning XJ. This also equals 29% in the Benefit In Kind tax category which means the XJ 2.7 TDVi has the lowest company car tax bill of any car in the luxury sector.

The XJ 2.7 TDVi has an insurance group of 15E, giving it a best-in-class rating ahead of the 18E rated Mercedes S 320 CDi and a two group improvement over the BMW and Audi equivalent models.

Geoff Cousins, UK MD, said: "We were always optimistic that the XJ Diesel could do this, but the figures we achieved were beyond our best expectations and show that the XJ 2.7 TDVi is a truly economical luxury car. Following the recent questions about the UK Government offering its ministers the choice of a Jaguar XJ Diesel, this proves how the XJ really is one of the most environmentally friendly cars in its class."

The XJ 2.7 TDVi costs from £43,995 on-the-road – petrol engines are also available.

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