Jaguar launches 'Jaguarwatch' on the new XK

Jaguar launches 'Jaguarwatch' on the new XK  
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on 04/11/2006

Source: Jaguar

Jaguar has secured an industry lead with its new state-of-the-art 'JaguarWatch' Stolen Vehicle Tracking Device, available initially on the new XK, which went on sale on last month.

In an era of security conscious motoring, Jaguar's lead in achieving Thatcham Category 5 accreditation for JaguarWatch is also an industry ‘first’ for supplying a pan-European stolen vehicle tracking device. JaguarWatch comprises state-of-the-art hardware installed in the vehicle, and a pan-European monitoring and response service. Technical features include remote immobilisation (under Police supervision) and very low quiescent current.

Statistics show that whilst vehicle-related crime has been falling steadily, it still accounts for about a fifth of all crime. Overall vehicle theft rates have also fallen, but the proportion of cars that have been stolen and not recovered is on the increase.

Cars stolen by opportunist thieves such as joyriders are usually found abandoned, but cars stolen by 'professional' thieves for parts or to sell on, are less likely to be recovered. Latest figures suggest more than 50% of stolen cars are not recovered.*

Category 5 is the latest Thatcham standard, developed by Thatcham in conjunction with the Police and insurers, to combat car crime, particularly key theft which is fast becoming the most common means of car theft in the UK.

Currently, only Category 5 accredited systems meet the stringent requirements of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO)** Policy On Police Response to Security Systems. JaguarWatch also complies with the advice of The Home Office Scientific

Development Branch (HOSDB). As such a Category 5 system such as JaguarWatch helps the police to respond more immediately to a theft.

JaguarWatch provides an innovative solution to these legislative requirements whilst ensuring that technical integration into the vehicle is fully approved by Jaguar Engineers.

Thatcham's Director of Research, Andrew Miller said: "The fitment of JaguarWatch on the new XK is an excellent endorsement of Thatcham's Category 5 standard. Jaguar are to be applauded as another example of a vehicle manufacturer taking positive steps to help reduce vehicle crime."

Geoff Cousins, Jaguar’s UK Managing Director continued: "JaguarWatch is a leading security technology that goes hand-in-hand with the advanced sports car that the Jaguar XK is and sits alongside a beautifully crafted luxury interior, aluminium technology and scintillating, dynamic performance. JaguarWatch further underlines Jaguar's commitment to security and technological development on our cars and although the XK only went on sale in March, in the UK alone we currently have over 2,500 advanced orders."

JaguarWatch is available in two versions:

1. The Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) version is Thatcham Category 5 approved and ACPO secured-by-design accredited.

2. The non-ADR version is intended for customers who are looking for a traditional after-theft tracking device and who do not require a complete Category 5 solution. It is identical to the ADR version in all physical respects with the exception of driver recognition (i.e. no driver recognition tags and no driver recognition module within the ECU).

The all-inclusive price of a fitted system is £1,401.75 which includes 3-year subscription for pan-European cover and roaming SIM card (including roaming across UK domestic networks).

JaguarWatch is the only stolen vehicle tracking system approved by Jaguar for fitment to Jaguar Cars. It is available immediately for the new XK, and will be introduced to the remaining Jaguar product line up over the next two months.

Recently Jaguar also became the first manufacturer to utilise the Pyrotechnic Deployable Bonnet, fitted on the new XK and another technological first for Jaguar.

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