Mazda Adds Web-Tuned Roadster Options in Japan

Mazda Adds Web-Tuned Roadster Options in Japan  
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on 04/14/2006

Source: Mazda Motor Corp

Mazda Motor Corporation today announced it has expanded the number of optional equipment combinations available on its Web-Tuned Roadsters, which are built-to-order (BTO) custom Roadster models offered to customers only in Japan through the Mazda Web Tune Factory website.

The Internet-based Web Tune Factory enables customers to create their own customized vehicle models by selecting the type of engine, transmission, and exterior and interior colors, according to their preferences. The added options are now available for use at Mazda's Web Tune Factory ( website.

In February 2001, Mazda became the first Japanese automaker to launch an Internet-based built-to-order website. Thanks to the Web Tune Factory, potential customers can experience even greater enjoyment in designing a customized version of their favorite Mazda vehicle. The website currently features a lineup of 22 Mazda models available in Japan, including special editions.

The Web-Tuned Roadster can add optional equipment--such as a black cloth top--that are presently unavailable for installation as an option on catalog models. Additionally, selection of a single item that is usually only available as part of a fixed combination in catalog model Roadsters is also possible. The website enables users to maximize the fun of customizing because it also provides the chance to choose standard equipment from a specific Roadster model as a separate item order, so a wide variety of package options are possible to meet a customer's every need.

In addition, using the "Web Tune Factory@Dealer", a Web Tune Factory customer assistance tool placed onsite at Mazda dealers in Japan, makes it possible to customize, order and complete the purchase of a Web Tuned Roadster all in one location.

The base model price of the Web-Tuned Roadster starts at 2,200,000 yen, taxes included.

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