Mazda Marks Production of One Millionth Atenza

Mazda Marks Production of One Millionth Atenza  
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on 04/20/2006

Source: Mazda Motor Corp

To celebrate reaching the one million unit production milestone for the Atenza sedan (known as the Mazda6 in overseas markets), Mazda Motor Corporation has announced that a special commemorative model, the '23EX Brown Leather style' version Atenza, will be on sale from today at its Mazda and Mazda Anfini dealerships throughout Japan.

The Hiroshima-based automaker has produced over one million units of the acclaimed Atenza to date. Job#1 was in February 2002. (Note: The global production figure was confirmed internally by Mazda Motor Corporation.)

The 23EX Brown Leather style Atenza, based on the Atenza Sport, Sedan and Sport Wagon models, features exclusive brown leather seats. In addition, as two "firsts" for the Atenza series, the 23EX also delivers heated driver and passenger seats, along with chrome plated outer door handles, as standard equipment. Like many upper-segment European model sedans, the 23EX has brown leather seats for the comfort of its occupants and has a noticeably sporty appearance that refined driving enthusiasts demand.

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