Mazda's unique Zoom-Zoom Challenge at BIMS

Mazda's unique Zoom-Zoom Challenge at BIMS  
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on 07/06/2006

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Mazda Zoom-Zoom ChallengeMazda Zoom-Zoom Challenge

Mazda Motors UK is issuing a thrilling Zoom-Zoom Challenge to visitors at the British International Motor Show at ExCeL, London. Throughout the fortnight of the show, visitors will be able to enjoy a unique driving experience, piloting a Mazda RX-8 PZ and Mazda MX-5 on a purpose-built Driving Dynamics Test Track, and will have the chance of winning a top prize – the use of a Mazda MX-5 2.0 Sport roadster for a whole year.

Mazda has created an all-new 300 metre-long driving course on the dockside next to Excel and will operate its Zoom-Zoom Challenge from 10am to 8pm each day of the show. Participants will have a chance to learn the twisty course during a practice lap, before taking the Challenge – two timed laps. One lap in a Mazda RX-8 PZ and one at the wheel of a Mazda MX-5.

"Mazda is an emotional, involving and accessible brand," comments Mark Cameron, Marketing Director, Mazda Motors UK.

"We believe that the best way to communicate the thrilling Zoom-Zoom spirit of Britain’s favourite sports car brand is to present this exciting Challenge opportunity at the show, offering visitors a unique free of charge driving experience in our award-winning sports cars."

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The Mazda RX-8 PZ is the most driver-focused RX-8 and the purest expression of Zoom-Zoom, powered by an ultra-smooth 231ps Renesis rotary engine.

The third-generation Mazda MX-5 is the iconic soft-top roadster which achieves perfect 50:50 weight distribution and embodies the Japanese ideal of Jinba Ittai (the symbiosis between rider and horse), to produce a beautifully balanced driving machine and deliver maximum driving fun.

Participants will be accompanied by a professional driver who will describe the best way to achieve a fast lap time, assess their car control skills and driving smoothness, and their Zoom-Zoom attitude. So a quick lap time will not be the only criterion judged before the prize is awarded. Participants must be aged 21 or over and bring their full driving licence with them.

Show visitors taking the Zoom-Zoom Challenge will be allocated a time-slot for their drive and will receive a full safety briefing. Mazda hopes to put thousands of people through the Zoom-Zoom Challenge during the British International Motor Show.

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