Nissan 350Z Best Performance Award Winner

Nissan 350Z Best Performance Award Winner  

on 03/23/2006


Nissan 350ZNissan 350ZNissan 350ZNissan 350ZNissan 350ZNissan 350ZNissan 350ZNissan 350ZNissan 350Z

Readers of Auto Express have crowned the Nissan 350Z as their favourite performance car in the 2006 Driver Power Survey. It beat 100 other vehicles to take the honour as it was voted overall winner in the ‘Best Performance’ category.

Auto Express commented: ‘Impressive is the fact that the 350Z has finished higher up the chart than several more costly rivals.’ The 350Z scored 97.78% which is over 5% ahead of the Porsche Boxster (92.77%) and 7.69% ahead of the Audi TT (90.09%). Prices for the new 2006 model year 350Z start at £25,300.

With more than 46,000 readers giving their votes, the survey is one of the biggest of its kind in the UK and the results are published in the March 22nd edition of the magazine as well as on its website.

Auto Express also commented: ‘Owners can’t get enough of the V6 powered models’ 276 bhp 3.5 litre engine, which pulls hard in every one of its six gears. Throttle response is razor-sharp and the rear wheel drive chassis means there is ample traction when accelerating.’

The revised 350Z for 2006 should satisfy owners even further with the engine power up by 20bhp to give a total of 296bhp (300PS). This not only reduces the 0-62mph time for the coupe to 5.8 seconds but also allows the engine to rev higher at 6400rpm, while maintaining a flatter torque curve.

These are not the only changes made to the latest Z. LED rear lights, Bi-xenon headlamps, standard RAYS alloys, a revised interior and the availability of the latest generation DVD satellite navigation system add to the overall impression. And, it’s available to order now.

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