Porsche Cayman Wins Autocar B-Road Challenge

Porsche Cayman Wins Autocar B-Road Challenge  
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on 03/22/2006

The Porsche Cayman has been awarded the ultimate accolade by the Autocar test team by winning its inaugural B-road challenge.

The Autocar challenge comprised 12 great driver’s cars from a sub-£12,000 supermini to a £121,000 Italian supercar. Each car was driven over 350 miles on 12 of the UK’s best driving roads – from Aylesbury to Shaftesbury.

Autocar B-Road Challenge organiser Matt Saunders said: "The UK car enthusiast is a lucky man or woman – there are so many reputed driver’s cars on the market today and we’ve also got some great driving roads. Our aim was to find the ultimate car for the great British B-road."

"The Porsche Cayman S is a worthy winner from a very competitive collection of cars because it covers all the bases, and covers them well," continued Matt. "It can be a supercar as well as being a competent everyday car – and that’s hugely important. In addition, the styling is spot-on and will look the part for many years to come."

During the knock-out-style challenge, first to fall at 47 miles was the Citroen C2, followed by the Fiat Punto Sporting at 63 miles, the Mazda 6 at 71 miles and, surprisingly, the BMW 330d at 92 miles. Next to go were the Caterham CSR260 at 139 miles and the Lamborghini Gallardo supercar at 176 miles, closely followed by the Renault Megane F1 at 177 miles.

The £16,600 Mazda MX-5 lasted until 208 miles, while the Audi RS4 was dismissed at 240 miles. The Ford Focus ST went at 273 miles and the Lotus Exige S survived a very respectable 319 miles, while the Porsche Cayman S completed the course with ease and won the respect of the whole Autocar team.

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