Record-Breaking Heat Wave Spikes Sales of Cool-or-Heat Seats

Record-Breaking Heat Wave Spikes Sales of Cool-or-Heat Seats  
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on 08/31/2006

Source: Cool or Heat, LLC

Cool or Heat, LLC announced today that the record-breaking summer heat wave of 2006 also created record-breaking sales of their newest product, the Cool-or-Heat Seat. The company's patent-protected product easily installs on top of any seat and uses thermoelectric technology to cool or heat liquid that circulates inside a foam-padded seat cushion to keep its users at the perfect temperature for their optimal comfort. Krista Walker of Cool or Heat, LLC states "Extremely hot temperatures this summer had many people across the USA scrambling to get their hands on a Cool-or-Heat Seat. We initially launched the product in our own local market and were anticipating good sales in the southern states. However, the prolonged nationwide heat wave really caught us all by surprise and created strong sales and demand for our product from all across the country. We were completely sold out for almost an entire month but we are now filling all of our orders again."

She adds, "When set on the cooling function, the Cool-or-Heat Seat is the perfect solution for burning hot car seats, a sweaty back and bottom, and all-day summer driving comfort. And, since the heating function will keep everyone warm throughout the cold winter months, we are now ramping up extra production for the upcoming holiday sales season."

The company touts that the Cool-or-Heat Seat is the only dual-purpose cooling and heating seat system on the market and therefore can be used year-round to keep users comfortable at their desired body temperature. The Cool-or-Heat Seat easily installs on any car or truck seat, office chair, home lounger, or even outside on a patio chair. Each Cool-or-Heat Seat package includes one small thermoelectric power unit/pump that circulates cooled or heated liquid though a foam-padded seat cushion, a 12V DC vehicle lighter adaptor, and a 110V AC wall outlet.

Krista Walker comments "The target market is endless and includes anyone who seeks comfort in extreme hot or cold temperatures. Daily commuters, truck drivers, salespeople, office workers, police officers, taxi and bus drivers, heavy equipment operators, RV travelers, parents, and many others are all benefiting from their recent purchases of Cool-or-Heat Seats. Some customers said that they were using the Cool-or-Heat Seat on their home mattress to stay cool at night and others are even using the dual heating and cooling functions for back pain."

The company states that a few luxury automakers offer dual heated and air-conditioned seats as an expensive upgrade option that typically cost consumers well over a thousand dollars. The Cool-or-Heat Seat, with a suggested list price under $120 is touted as an affordable luxury item for everyone to enjoy. And, it is the only known product of its kind that will keep people at a comfortable temperature in both their vehicle seats and in their office and home chairs.

The Cool-or-Heat Seat is a great gift item and is currently being sold through local and national retailers. All interested retailers should contact the company directly for wholesale ordering information. The Cool-or-Heat Seat is the first of many new patent-protected products that the company has plans to launch, including the Cool-or-Heat Mattress Pad and the Cool-or-Heat Pet Pad.

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