Renault Launches New Clio Bio-Fuel Together with Emissions Commitment for Europe

Renault Launches New Clio Bio-Fuel Together with Emissions Commitment for Europe  
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on 03/22/2006


Following its recent international debut at the 2006 Paris International Agricultural Show, Renault has launched a new bio-fuel car, the Hi-Flex Clio available with either a 1.0 or 1.6-litre 16v engine.

Based on the Clio II, the new range has been developed for the Brazilian market and features Renault-developed ‘Flex Fuel’ technology, with a highly versatile engine that can run on petrol and ethanol in any proportion (0-100% of either).

Available in three and five-door hatchback or Clio Sedan form, the new Flex Fuel models replace all of the previous petrol versions and cost an average of just 1% more, with prices starting at 26,570 R$ (Brazilian Real), or £7,165 sterling equivalent.

In Europe, biofuel is one of the most promising solutions for bringing down CO2 emission levels. Under Renault Commitment 2009, Renault has made several commitments to environment issues, including engine adaptation to biofuels. By 2009, 50% of petrol-engined Renaults offered for sale in Europe will be able to run on fuels containing up to 85% of ethanol and all Renault diesel cars will run on fuel containing up to 30% of diester.

Renault leads in Europe for low emissions cars

The Renault range is already one of the best in the world for fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. For example, in 2005, 25% of all vehicles sold in Europe that emitted less than 120g/km CO2 were Renaults, compared to the company’s market share of 9.7%, providing greater environmental benefit in total than a small number of expensive hybrids. This lead is planned to continue with the aim of selling a million cars a year with CO2 emissions under 140 grams per kilometre by 2008, with a third of these emitting less than 120 grams.

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