Restyled Mazda Spiano Models on Sale in Japan

Restyled Mazda Spiano Models on Sale in Japan  
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on 04/18/2006

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Mazda Spiano XFMazda Spiano XFMazda Spiano XFMazda Spiano XFMazda Spiano XF

Mazda Motor Corporation has announced that freshened Spiano micro-mini models, known for their rounded, boxy exterior contours and spacious interior, are on sale from today (April 18, 2006) at Mazda Autozam, Mazda and Mazda Anfini dealerships throughout Japan.

The upgraded XF model, based on the former Spiano X model, now has a more fashionable exterior look thanks to a free-flowing front grille, rounded headlights for a cute wraparound effect and silver-highlighted exterior lower body trim. Another new model, Spiano SS, takes the former Spiano Turbo model one step further, with its improved engine output and torque produced by the DOHC Turbo engine, which makes this sportier version a joy to drive.

The manufacturer's suggested retail prices of the Spiano micro-mini series range from 997,500 yen to 1,386,000 yen, taxes included.

Main features of the freshened Spiano
XF Model
Based on the former X model, the new XF model has the following equipment:

- Exclusive gunmetal gray-colored front grille and bumper
- Front/side/rear extension ornaments matched with the color of the aluminum wheels
- 13-inch aluminum wheels with 155/65R13 tires
- Square-shaped, power-retractable door mirrors that share the body color

- MD/CD player with AM/FM tuner (2DIN/MDLP) with six speakers
- Analog clock

SS Model
Based on the former Turbo model, the new SS model has the following equipment:

- Exclusive body-colored front grille and bumper
- Large, multireflector halogen headlights
- Round, power-retractable door mirrors
- Special 'SS' side emblem logo
- Muffler cutter
- 14-inch aluminum wheels with 165/55R14 tires

- Leather-wrapped steering wheel
- Exclusive speedometer and tachometer
- Silver instrument panel accents

- DOHC 12-valve intercooler turbo engine (Maximum output: 47kW/6,500 rpm/Maximum torque: 106 Nm/3,500 rpm)
- Added lowdown suspension

Other main changes (applicable to all Spiano models)
Body colors
Mazda has added a new, yellow-tinged green color, Lime Green Metallic, in addition to the SS model-exclusive Superior White body color. There are a total of nine colors available for customers to choose from.

Interior colors
Spiano's G and XF models feature blue and yellow-colored sheet/door trim which can be combined with a specific body color. The SS model has an exclusive black sheet/door trim color set, creating a sporty aura.

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