Spy Shots: Audi R8 Caught at Nürburgring

Spy Shots: Audi R8 Caught at Nürburgring  
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on 03/29/2006


If the recent introductions of the Audi RS4, S6 and S8 weren't enough to make you take a second look at Audi, maybe this prototype of the upcoming 2008 Audi R8 will get your attention.

These are the first shots taken of the upcoming sports car during high-speed testing at Germany's Nürburgring racetrack. Originally introduced as the Le Mans concept at the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi announced plans to build a production version last year. It wasn't too much of a surprise as the concept used numerous off-the-shelf parts and Audi has been itching to build an exotic sports car for years.

Huge rotors front and rear are good signs this Audi will have the performance to back up its looks. And yes, those are Gallardo wheels. (Photo courtesy of KGP Photography)

Like the concept, most of the R8's parts will come straight from the Lamborghini Gallardo. Everything from the aluminum space frame to the all-wheel-drive system will be carried directly over. The prototype in these pictures is even using Gallardo wheels, but Audi will get around to drawing up some new ones once the R8 gets closer to its official unveiling.

Wide, flat stance and quad exhaust pipes give the R8 a tough look from behind. (Photo courtesy of KGP Photography)

Not all of the R8's hardware will get pulled from the Gallardo. Instead of the Lambo's exotic V10 power plant, there's a good chance the R8 will debut with an Audi-built V8. Going with the smaller engine will keep the R8 from undercutting the Lamborghini in both price and performance.

What this means to you: We'll know for sure come September as the Audi R8 is expected to make its debut at the Paris Motor Show. Expect to see sales in the U.S. starting about a year from now.

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