Supercars line up for Autocar’s London Land Speed Record

Supercars line up for Autocar’s London Land Speed Record  
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on 06/23/2006

Source: Autocar

The Mercedes SLR McLaren, Porsche 911 Turbo and Corvette Z06 will be just three of the incredible supercars lining up at London City Airport next month, when Autocar will write a brand new performance benchmark into the record books - the London Land Speed Record.

In an environment where every new supercar promises more outlandish performance than the last, the London Land Speed Record will separate the very fastest cars on sale from those that only claim to be. On Saturday July 15, Autocar will assemble the fastest contenders on the road, from the Ford GT to the Bentley Continental Flying Spur; each will be given a rolling start, and the length of City Airport’s one-mile runway in which to set the fastest top speed of the day.

City Airport’s one-mile landing strip will represent a unique challenge for the world’s fastest cars, and for Autocar’s editor-at-large Steve Sutcliffe, who will be driving them. It is surrounded on three sides by the Thames; "My thoughts for the day are very simple," says Steve: "Do not end up in the water, do not end up in the water, do not end up in the water!"

"Seriously, it’s fantastic that London City Airport has allowed us to do this and hopefully squeeze our way into the Guinness Book of Records," Steve goes on.

"I’ll be entering the main runway via a slip road at 70-80 mph and then keeping the car nailed until as close to the end of the runway as I dare – then brake, brake, brake. With the Thames in view I shall not be attempting any heroics, but I’ve got 200mph in my sights."

The London Speed Record is the start of a two-week motoring extravaganza with the return to London of the British International Motor Show, 20-30 July at ExCel London.

Publishing manager Paul Garlick said: "Autocar is fully committed to giving its readers the best magazine possible. We’ve got lots of exciting events planned for this year and beyond including the Autocar Drift School, circuit experience days and off-road events."

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