Triple crown for Toyota Prius

Triple crown for Toyota Prius  
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on 05/11/2006

Source: Toyota

For the third year in succession, the 1.5-litre petrol engine of the Hybrid Synergy Drive has won best 1.4-1.8-litre engine in the International Engine of the Year awards and has also been named ‘Best Fuel Economy’ for its application in the Toyota Prius. Hybrid Synergy Drive has won both categories every year since it was launched in the second generation Prius in 2004.

The Hybrid Synergy Drive was a decisive winner in both categories and drew praise from the international jury for "a brilliant technical achievement". Other judges also noted the success of the Hybrid Synergy Drive in delivering "real world fuel economy".

Thierry Dombreval, Toyota Motor Marketing Europe’s Executive Vice President and COO, said: "At a time when energy prices are soaring, Toyota’s commitment to Hybrid Synergy Drive® is receiving further acknowledgment with this prestigious award. This encourages us in our belief that the Toyota Prius is a real world solution for customers who want better fuel economy and low CO2 together with driving pleasure."

Since 1997, Toyota sold 613,300 hybrid vehicles around the world. In Europe, Prius sales have considerably increased, jumping from 8,136 units in 2004 to 18,886 in 2005 (+132 per cent), and are forecast to exceed 25,000 this year.

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