Tuner takes a bite out of Mercedes CLS

Tuner takes a bite out of Mercedes CLS  
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on 05/10/2006

Words almost fail us, but we reckon 'Yikes!' just about covers what German tuning company Asma has done to this unsuspecting Mercedes CLS 350.

Called 'The Shark', this treatment adds 20in chromed alloy wheels, fins behind the wheel arches and quad exhaust tail pipes.

But there's no getting away from the frontal styling. What were they thinking?

Sadly, there's no performance enhancement, so you won't be able to hide your shame by escaping at a rate of knots.

And just in case you think this might be a good look for your CLS, the conversion costs around £56,000, including the price of an innocent CLS 350.

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Source: Topgear

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