Volvo has an answer to allergy free motoring

Volvo has an answer to allergy free motoring  
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on 06/23/2006

Source: Volvo

For the millions of allergy sufferers coping with another summer of streaming eyes and sudden sneezes, Volvo has the ultimate answer with its new Clean Zone Interior Package (CZIP) which creates the healthiest passenger environment possible and the first car with interior air quality approved by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association.

The Clean Zone Interior Package, currently exclusively available with the all-new Volvo S80 executive saloon, provides an interior with materials that avoid collecting dust, such as (colour co-ordinated) natural rubber mats instead of dust-collecting textile ones and upholstery that fulfils the cleaning regulations stated by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association. It also includes a unique, remotely controlled cabin ventilation system which automatically refreshes the car's interior as soon as it is unlocked via the remote key fob.

"The number of people suffering from allergies has increased alarmingly and the quality of air inside the car is vital when driving and to help prevent fatigue. Volvo already offers pollen filters and healthier interiors that meet the international Oeko-Tex 100 standard for emissions, but the Clean Zone Interior Package in the all-new Volvo S80 is Volvo’s cleanest interior yet and guarantees a safer haven for allergy sufferers," said Hugh Reid, managing director, Volvo Car UK.

CZIP with IAQS and ECC

CZIP also features Volvo's Interior Air Quality System (IAQS) with a pollen filter. The IAQS ensures the air inside the cabin is as clean as possible by continuously monitoring the amount of incoming air pollutants, such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and ground-level ozone and temporarily closes the exterior air inlets if it senses levels are rising too high. This works in conjunction with the standard Electronic Climate Control (ECC) to ensure a comfortable and safer environment inside the car, which is especially important for corporate drivers accustomed to spending many hours behind the wheel.

The international Oeko-Tex 100 emissions standard

Most drivers do not realise that car interiors can give off potentially harmful substances, especially in hot weather. However, all Volvo interiors are already cleaner and healthier as Volvo's Electronic Climate Control (ECC) with Air Quality System (AQS) and pollen filter is standard on every model, plus all Volvo interiors meet the requirements of the international Oeko-Tex 100 standard for emissions, which means that all materials are tested for certain allergy-inducing and harmful substances. This certification covers seat belts, carpets, metals, glues and fabrics. Even the leather upholstery, handbrake button, load eyelets and door handles in a Volvo have been tested for contact allergies.

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