A Lucky Citroen C4 Visio Experiences the 'Axe' effect

A Lucky Citroen C4 Visio Experiences the 'Axe' effect  
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on 05/29/2009

If you spray yourself with AXE deodorant in the morning, you'll manage to attract beautiful women till the time you go to bed. While commuting, walking in your office building, lunch time, women will be swept of their feet and like how a magnet attracts a nail, they will swarm you.

But be advised, it works only if you live your life inside a television!

To promote the new Instinct deo, Axe teamed up with Citroen, rallied around Croatia for a week hosting parties at various places. It was just like any other promotional road show, and the Citroen C4 Visio experienced the Axe effect! a lot of beautiful women in short and tight clothes could not get enough of its company (just kiddin, they were Axe's staff hired for the function).

The Citroen C4 Visio was painted using the same paint scheme as on the new deo's bottle.

The Citroen C4 Visio that functioned as an efficient hangout for the girls was loaded with with ABS, progressive power steering, air conditioning, an electronics package (remote central locking, electric front windows), fog lights, cruise control, driver and passenger airbags and a radio/CD/MP3 player.

Source: Javno.

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