A new Expert from Peugeot

A new Expert from Peugeot  
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on 11/13/2006

Source: Peugeot

The new generation Expert, launched in the UK in February 2007, is the result of Peugeot using all its expertise to produce two new ranges of vehicles: one a commercial vehicle range, the “Peugeot Expert” compact van and the other within the car range, the Peugeot Expert Combi.

Peugeot has been making both cars and commercial vehicles for more than a century. The latter have always occupied an important position in the range. In total, more than 5 million units have been produced since Peugeot was founded.

The “Expert” range of commercial vehicles made its appearance in the autumn of 1995 as one of the pioneers of the compact van market segment (useful volume of between 4 and 7 m3). In 11 years, two generations of the Peugeot Expert have been launched and more than 300,000 Experts have been produced.

Today, this third generation Expert, again developed by PSA Peugeot Citroën in partnership with Fiat, marks a turning point for Peugeot, thanks to the improvement in standard equipment levels, performance and the greater versatility offered by both of the new vehicle ranges.

The new Expert has been designed around all the strengths of the current model, namely, handling, ride comfort and driving position and introduces equipment levels similar to those found in a modern car.

Both the van range and the new Combi range will be available with sliding side doors on both sides.

As for the dimensions of the van, they have been developed to meet the new and demanding expectations of business customers as closely as possible.

Peugeot’s new Expert van

The new Peugeot Expert van, which is part of the commercial vehicle range, is now available in more versions (two wheelbases and two roof heights creating a total of three versions) and with increased load capacities in terms of volume and weight while still maintaining low running costs.

A new long wheelbase and high roof version is offered making it possible to carry a volume of up to 7 m3 and a payload of 1200 kg.

A new and real innovation to be found on the new Expert is the pneumatic rear suspension. It makes it possible to lower the overall height of the van to 1.894 m, enabling it to enter underground car parks. It also improves loading and gives the vehicle a constant ride height whatever the load. A manual control can be used to adjust the load height when stationary. Because of its square shape, large load area and clever internal storage, it can easily accommodate such things as a “Euro” pallet.

Particular care has been taken with regards to the security of both the occupants and the load area. The driver can lock or unlock the rear load area independently of the passenger cab, either remotely by using the three button remote control key or from the driving position.

The body structure has also been strengthened and now includes deformable areas designed to reduce impact damage in the event of a collision and thereby lower repair costs.

The driving qualities of the vehicle and the excellent road holding of the new Expert are strengthened by a new range of engines.

Three HDi Peugeot diesel engines:

· 1.6 litre HDi 90 bhp

· 2.0 litre HDi 120 bhp

· 2.0 litre HDi 136 bhp DPFS (Diesel Particulate Filter System)

and one Peugeot petrol engine:

· 2.0 litre 16V 140 bhp

The two 2.0 litre HDi diesel engines, developed in co-operation with Ford, are fitted with a strengthened version of Peugeot’s ML6C 6-speed manual gearbox.

The power trains now also only require servicing at 20,000 miles instead of 10,000 miles. These engines also help to protect the environment as they comply with the Euro 4 emission standard and the 2.0-litre HDi 136 bhp engine is also fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter System (DPFS).

The latest active and passive safety systems are also available: ESP with ROM anti-rollover module and ASR traction control, ABS with Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) and front, side and curtain airbags.

The latest-generation driving aids are also available, such as rear parking assistance, speed limiter/cruise control and GPS navigation.

Great attention has been paid to the comfort of the occupants. The architecture of the new Peugeot Expert allows a driving position closer to that of a modern car than of a commercial vehicle, but also benefits from a generous amount of light and a strong feeling of space created by the forward position of the windscreen. Finally, the interior (designed by Pininfarina) is both functional and robust and available in several different trim levels.

Owners of the new Expert van will benefit from an increased load capacity from a vehicle that has the comfort and driving qualities of a modern car, combined with image-enhancing style.

Peugeot’s new Expert Combi

The Expert Combi represents a new way of travelling. It is intended for families that want space when they travel and transport for their leisure equipment, or for professionals in the “Private-Hire” industry looking for a luxurious and refined vehicle.

Peugeot’s new Combi makes the road handling, safety and comfort qualities of the Expert van range available to all types of users. It has the same engines, gearboxes and excellent suspension and steering. It is also available in both wheelbase lengths.

The new Expert Combi is distinguished from the outside by the unique design touches to the bodywork and in particular by the single mirror glass exterior mirrors.

Inside, two rows of seats can be arranged in the rear, with the back-row passengers accessing their seats via the sliding side door and the “easy entry” system to tilt the outer seat.

Depending on the internal configuration, it is possible to carry from 2 to 9 people. The individual seats and the double bench seats can be folded, tilted or removed to arrange the interior to suit individual requirements. All the seats are individual, including the double bench seats, so that passengers are guaranteed to travel in optimum comfort.

All rows of seats are protected by curtain airbags integrated into the roof. In total, there are six airbags (front, side and curtain) depending on the equipment level, designed to protect the occupants in the event of a collision.

The luggage space has been specially designed. In the long wheelbase version it can reach 1239 litres (VDA standard) under the roof with three rows of seats in place.

The large glazed area (5.84 m² on the long wheelbase version) and the stepped configuration of the rear seats guarantee all occupants an excellent view of the road and a passenger compartment that is full of light.

A lot of attention has been paid to the interior noise levels to ensure that passengers can converse easily, which is very important in this type of vehicle.

A sophisticated interior temperature control system is fitted to ensure maximum comfort for all occupants. An additional rear heating and air conditioning unit means that the desired temperature can be reached very quickly and above all very evenly. The heated or cooled air is distributed by conventional vents at the front but also by individual air vents located in the roof above each row of seats and at floor level by lower ducts for the rear row of seats. This system provides unequalled comfort and can be controlled by the passengers in the rear seats from a control panel located at roof level.

The safety, driving assistance and comfort equipment fitted on the Combi range provides both a high level of safety and makes driving easier.

Three trim levels are available in the new Expert Combi range: Comfort, Leisure and Premium.

The higher levels have a unique interior colour scheme for the fascia panel, seat covers, trim in the rear and the design of the door handles.

This clever differentiation means each version can be distinguished by the particular interior environment that is created by the different equipment levels.

The new Expert Combi provides a safe environment for travelling, combined with a high level of comfort and a well thought-out, large and adaptable interior space, while at the same time it is exceptionally enjoyable to drive.

The New Peugeot Expert range goes on sale in the UK in February 2007.

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