A Rolls-Royce Welcome for Goodwood Barn Owls

A Rolls-Royce Welcome for Goodwood Barn Owls  
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on 12/02/2006

Source: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

A custom-made owl box was unveiled yesterday in the 42 acre grounds of the Rolls-Royce plant at Goodwood. It has been installed as part of the company’s commitment to encourage biodiversity within its grounds. The box, designed and crafted by staff at West Dean College, Chichester features an owl mascot.
The Barn Owl, now a specially protected species, has declined in numbers by more than two thirds in the last 100 years, which is attributed to the intensification of agriculture and the loss of rough grassy areas around fields. In Sussex the numbers have dropped in recent years to around 100 breeding pairs.

Dr Barrie Watson, President of the Sussex Ornithological Society, who advised Rolls-Royce on the best location for the new owl box said, “More environmentally friendly farming practices will provide more habitats for owls to hunt over. So it is important to provide secure nest sites for them, like the owl box at Rolls-Royce. I am delighted to see the company take this step.”

Anna Rabone, environment consultant at Rolls-Royce said, “The emphasis at Goodwood is on operating a technologically advanced facility, producing cars to the highest quality, yet making a positive contribution to the biodiversity of the natural landscape. The lake and the landscaping, including our eight acre living roof, where non-chemical techniques are used to control pests, are proving a haven for numerous bird species and other wildlife.”

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