Anna Kournikova and Johnny Depp top celebrity car wash poll

Anna Kournikova and Johnny Depp top celebrity car wash poll  
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on 05/27/2008

Source: Motorpoint

Anna Kournikova has been voted the celebrity that most people would like to see wash their car in a new survey published by Motorpoint, the UK’s leading car supermarket.

The tennis ace was singled out as the ‘Car Wash Belle’ in a nationwide poll of female celebrities that men would most like to see on their driveway with a bucket and sponge cleaning their vehicle. She was followed closely by singer Cristina Aguilera (23%), who ironically released a single ‘Car Wash’ a few years ago, and actress Scarlet Johansson (16%).

In the same study, Johnny Depp, star of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ was named ‘Car Wash Hunk’ by female voters, taking 25% of the vote - piping fellow actors George Clooney (22%) and Ewan McGregor (12%) to the top spot. Welsh rugby star Gavin Henson was the least popular with 1%.

Commenting on the findings, John Hood, General Manager at Motorpoint Derby explains: “Washing your car is often thought of as just a routine part of vehicle maintenance. However, our study shows that drivers wouldn’t pass on a helping hand from a celebrity. When it comes to my own car, I would have to go for our very own ‘British Belle’ Kelly Brook.”

Summary of results

Favourite female celebrity

1. Anna Kournikova 27%
2. Christina Aguilera 23%
3. Scarlett Johansson 16%
4. Eva Longoria 11%
5. Jessica Alba 8%
6. Megan Fox 5%
7. Hayden Panettiere 4%
8. Abbey Clancy 3%
9. Rachel Bilson 2%
10. Mischa Barton 1%

Favourite male celebrity

1. Johnny Depp 25%
2. George Clooney 22%
3. Ewan McGregor 12%
4. David Beckham 10%
5. Jonny Wilkinson 7%
= Daniel Craig 7%
= Brad Pitt 7%
6. Orlando Bloom 5%
7. Jenson Button 4%
8. Gavin Henson 1%

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