Art contest chooses decorating a Lacetti WTC as one of its 2008 themes

Art contest chooses decorating a Lacetti WTC as one of its 2008 themes  
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on 12/05/2007

Source: Chevrolet

In 2008 the Chevrolet WTCC team will be closely associated with “Young? Creative? Chevrolet!”, the art contest promoted by Chevrolet. One of the themes for next year’s contest will be creating a special livery for the Lacetti WTC, which will be sported on one of the cars at one of the WTCC events.

“Young? Creative? Chevrolet!” is a pan-European contest for students under 30 years of age of applied arts schools and which covers five disciplines (photography, video, visual arts, interior design and fashion). It was launched by Chevrolet in 2007 with the aim to foster creativity, promote young creators and find concrete applications for their works. In its second edition, “Young? Creative? Chevrolet!” is expanding to 15 countries.

Creating a special one-off livery for the Lacetti WTC is the theme of the 2008 contest in the Visual Arts discipline, which will be running in ten of the 15 participating countries, namely: Austria, Belgium, Estonia, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Russia and Slovenia.

Applied arts schools and their students interested in participating in the competition have until 15 March 2008 to register and until 15 May 2008 to submit their projects. National juries will chose the best project in each country and those will take part in a European finale. The project winning this finale will be reproduced and sported by one of the Lacetti WTC in one of the WTCC events after the summer break.

Students will have at their disposal, for their decoration, the entire surface of the car, except those areas which are reserved for race numbers, official sponsors, etc. All useful info about “Young? Creative? Chevrolet!” can be found in the contest’s website,, which also allows applied arts schools to register for the competition.

“We are delighted to participate in this exciting initiative”, says Eric Nève, Chevrolet Europe Motorsport Manager, “Motorsports and arts have often been associated in the past, and we are happy to contribute enriching this tradition. While these may look like two different worlds, motorsports and arts share values such as innovative ideas and the quest for excellence. What is most interesting in this project is that it puts forward young artists and gives them an opportunity to show what they can do. All of us in the team are already anxious to see the executions that will come out of the contest!”

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