ASI tuners empower the Ferrari F430

ASI tuners empower the Ferrari F430  
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on 06/16/2009

Although the production of the F430 is over, owners would like their supercar modified when they are bored at a future point. A lot of tuners offer products for the F430, and the newest and most interesting of the lot are the Japanese tuners ASI.

ASI have released the ASI Ferrari F430 body kit along with carbon fiber body upgrades for the Italian supercar. The ASI Ferrari F430 body kit consists a front bumper, side skirts and a rear bumper. The ASI Ferrari F430 body kit offers the same aerodynamic performance as the the factory fitted ones, but the trick is it reduces the overall weight of the car by 27kg, which is a considerable leap.

The ASI Ferrari F430 program also tweaks your ECU, for which you need to shell out 7,500 USD and a Sachs suspension system can also be installed for 13,000 USD.

Dry carbon rear wing, front brake system, diffuser fins, a center exhaust and 19-Inch forged wheels are the components of the pack.

Source: zercustoms

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