Audi A5 in Verona – a road movie becomes reality

Audi A5 in Verona – a road movie becomes reality  
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on 04/27/2007

Source: Audi

GABO photographed the new coupé in Italy – even before its world premiere. It all happened under strict confidentiality. Always in line with the motto: nobody sees the car apart from the camera. And of course the principal characters in the story, a love story: Natalia Wörner and Robert Seeliger. What emerged was a road movie about cars, food, design, fashion, architecture and Italian life. In Verona, Audi is presenting the A5 and the impressive photos of the coupé to the world's media. The highlights: GABO, Natalie Wörner, Robert Seeliger, Yello and Michalsky share the honours – a road movie becomes reality.

GABO is an extraordinary woman – and a creative, outlandish photographer. Or rather: a photographic artist. She used to work as a model and from this experience knows exactly how people feel in front of the camera. She studied graphics in Hamburg, has travelled the world, and over the years has developed a passion for photography. Her black-and-white photographs of the young Boris Becker were striking. She made her breakthrough with a photo article about Herbert Grönemeyer for the magazine STERN.

News about GABO's feel for the perfect stage for her models and her skilled use of light has spread quickly. No German photographer has taken pictures of so many important and interesting people from the world of politics, culture and society – and portraits have become her trademark. GABO's pictures show people from their better side – they show their personalities. Now her successes have been extended to a car. "For Walter de'Silva, designing a car is an art," said GABO about the chief designer. "That meant that I had to photograph the A5 as if it were a work of art." The A5 is in good company. She has already photographed celebrities such as Richard von Weizsäcker, Claudia Schiffer, Kevin Costner and Eric Clapton.

Yello's music stands for progressiveness and perfection. The two Swiss artists Boris Blank and Dieter Meier compose perfect electronic music from noise samples. Perfection – also elementary for Audi, whether workmanship, performance or design. Yello developed the music for the A5 TV commercial. The campaign is due to start on 21 May 2007 in Germany, and will become international in June.

Yello's association with cars is something of a tradition – and it is related to the group's very formation. In the late 1970s, Boris Blank was recording engine noises in a test laboratory and he used these for his compositions. He played them to avantgarde artist and film maker Dieter Meier, and the first songs emerged from their sound experiments. Their very first 12" single brought Yello their first major success in the USA and recording contracts around the world. In addition to 15 albums, the duo have produced music for films, TV shows and commercials.

Michael Michalsky also sets high standards for his collections. The acclaimed fashion designer is characterised by the high degree of exclusivity of his products and by his feel for trends and zeitgeist. Until 1992 Michalsky was a student at the London College of Fashion, where he was inspired by international designers. He joined Adidas in 1995. He left the sports article manufacturer in 2006 as "Global Creative Director". Today, Michalsky is creative director at MCM. At the same time, he has established three labels of his own, including the exclusive "Michalsky" line.

His sporty, ageless and progressive designs have won Michalsky, who now lives in Berlin, prestigious design awards. Perfect workmanship down to the finest detail and perfect fit – that is what Michalsky the car fan stands for. And that goes well with Audi. For the brand with the four rings, the designer has created the Audi Corporate Fashion Line, which will initially be worn by staff at exhibitions and events.

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