Audi drives with SynFuel at World Economic Forum

Audi drives with SynFuel at World Economic Forum  
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on 01/21/2007

Source: Audi

Audi has unveiled a premiere at the “World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting 2007” which runs from 23rd to 28th January in Davos, Switzerland. The Ingolstadt brand, which is providing the chauffeur service at the WEF, is running part of its Audi A8 fleet on eco-friendly “SynFuel” diesel fuel. “Not only do we develop innovative premium-standard vehicles, we also work to ensure that they can be operated in an eco-friendly manner. Our highly efficient TDI and TFSI power units are proof of this. The fact that part of our A8 diesel fleet in Davos is using SynFuel represents a further step towards sustained mobility,” commented the Board Member for Technical Development at AUDI AG, Michael Dick.

SynFuel is produced synthetically from natural gas through a chemical reaction, is crystal-clear and free of sulphur and aromatics. It does not generate any sulphur dioxide emissions; the amount of soot produced is reduced by 35 percent and carbon monoxide emissions by no less than 93 percent. Nitrogen oxides (NOx) are cut by up to nine percent, while carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions go down by around five percent. And most notably of all, the fuel can be used for all diesel-engined Audi models without any retrofitting measures.

Audi has already tested SynFuel under extreme conditions. And with great success: at the Le Mans 24 Hours of 2006, the race-winning Audi R10 with TDI engine was filled with a special diesel fuel which consisted largely of SynFuel. This was the first time a diesel-powered racing car had won this significant motor-racing event.

The chauffeur service for participants at the WEF features an 80-strong fleet of silver Audi A8 models, all of them long-wheelbase versions featuring quattro permanent four-wheel drive. Another first is that these 80 luxury saloons are all fitted with a 4.2 TDI diesel engine. This 8-cylinder unit generates 326 PS, yet requires an average of just 9.4 litres of diesel fuel per 100 kilometres. Ten vehicles in the fleet are filled exclusively with SynFuel. The fuel is delivered by the oil company Shell. The fleet provided by Audi for the WEF comprises a total of 172 vehicles. On top of the 80 A8 models for the actual shuttle service, there are – for instance – twelve armour-plated Audi A8 models for transporting very important passengers, and 51 Audi Q7 vehicles. In addition, a selection of further A8 models and Audi A6 Avant cars are being used. These vehicles will support the organisers of the WEF, the police in Davos, the canton police and Zurich Airport.

Audi has provided this service in Davos on an exclusive basis since 1987. The annual meeting of economics experts and politicians in Switzerland has become something of a tradition for the Audi chauffeur service. Monarchs, heads of government, ministers, business leaders and other VIPs from all over the world have been chauffeured in comfort in an Audi A8 at this event.

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