Audi R8 book receives international TDC Award

Audi R8 book receives international TDC Award  
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on 03/03/2008

Source: Audi

The Audi R8 book, “R8. Born of powerful ideas” (R8. Gebaut aus unseren stärksten Ideen) has won two coveted honors from the Type Directors Club (TDC) of New York. The club honored the special edition book with the Award of Excellence for its successful use of typography. The publication also received a “Judges Choice” honors, which is a personal tribute from one of the eight members of the jury.

The Type Directors Club honored the best concepts in design and typography for the 54th time this year in its annual contest. The jury was particularly impressed by the book about the Audi R8 sports car due to its typography. “The design of the type is fresh and bold,” the club said in explaining the rationale of the selection. A total of 2,100 works were entered from 33 countries. The additional “Judge’s Choice” award – the personal recommendation of a designer in the high-caliber jury, was granted to only eight works. Star designer Noreen Morioka from California recommended the Audi special edition as an outstanding project.

The publication, which was created by the Stuttgart-based agency, design hoch drei, and the Delius Klasing Verlag publishing house in Bielefeld, was part of the worldwide product communication accompanying the introduction of the Audi R8. “With the R8, Audi set a new standard in the sports car segment,” said project manager Michael Finke. “We wanted to make an impact with our innovative publication that was just as strong.”

The premium-quality book, which up to now was only available to Audi R8 buyers, is expected to be sold as a limited edition in selected bookstores in late 2008. The project will be presented along with other winners at the private showing for the TDC exhibition on July 29, 2008. The works will subsequently be shown in Germany as well, as part of a traveling exhibition.

The special-edition book from Audi has already received numerous other prizes in addition to the TDC Award presented in New York. Apart from the renowned red dot communication design award, the project has also been honored with two prizes at the if awards and the Award of Excellence from the Communicator Awards in the US, as well as others.

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