Audi R8 was declared the 2008 World Car Design of the Year

Audi R8 was declared the 2008 World Car Design of the Year  
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on 03/21/2008

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Audi made it a big double when the R8 was declared the 2008 World Car Design of the YearCars eligible for the 2008 World Car Design of the Year award are taken from the list of thirty-nine (39) World Car candidates nominated by forty-seven (47) World Car jurors from twenty-four (24) countries throughout the world.

A design panel consisting of four highly respected world design experts asked to first review each candidate, and then establish a short-list of recommendations for the jurors. Jurors then voted on the expert’s recommendations. The top three design finalists were, in alphabetical order, the Audi R8, the Mazda2 / Mazda Demio and the Volvo C30.

The World Car Design of the Year category, and the corresponding award, is meant to highlight new vehicles with innovation and style that push established boundaries.

The World Car jurors praised Audi for “….transforming the sports car landscape”. “The R8 design is striking, original and full of interesting details, from the nose strakes to the much discussed vertical ‘blade’ behind the B pillar”. World Car design expert, Tom Matano, commented, “It is a great visual representation of the technology within…..a complete package of Techno-Iconic Design”. The R8 looks just as good as it performs, which is saying something. In design consultant Robert Cumberford’s opinion, the Audi is a “real tour de force in style, performance and practicality.”

“Having won the World Car Design of the Year award last year with the new Audi TT, it is a real pleasure to make it two in a row with the Audi R8,” said Johan De Nysschen, Executive Vice President of Audi of America. “Our designers surpassed themselves with our first super sports car, which is both a show-stopper and a traffic-stopper.

Characteristic features such as LED headlights and customizable sideblades make the Audi R8 instantly recognizable. We are delighted that our designers' work has been acknowledged in this way by the World Car of the Year jurors.”

Previous winners of the World Car Design of the Year award were the Audi TT in 2007 and the Citroen C4 in 2006.

Now in their fifth year, the annual World Car awards have become one of the most prestigious and credible programs of their type in the world.

The awards were inaugurated in 2003, and officially launched in January 2004, to reflect the reality of the global marketplace, as well as to recognize and reward automotive excellence on an international scale. The awards are intended to complement, not compete, with existing national and regional Car of the Year programs.

The awards are administered by a non-profit association, under the guidance of a Steering Committee of pre-eminent automotive journalists from Asia, Europe, and North America . There is no affiliation with, nor are the awards in any way influenced by any publication, auto show, automaker, or other commercial enterprise.

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