Autocar Redesign Off the Press and On The Shelves

Autocar Redesign Off the Press and On The Shelves  
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on 04/25/2007

The all-new Autocar magazine hits the shelves today having undergone a radical change in format, layout and content. Publishing director Patrick Fuller said: “The weekly magazine marketplace has developed considerably in the last five years. We think that now is the perfect time to react to it. It’s vital that readers see Autocar as a weekly title that retains the upmarket quality of a monthly magazine.” Autocar’s authoritative and intelligent features, along with the ultra-detailed road tests loyal readers have come to trust, will not be compromised.

After months of intensive reader research and analysis, the world’s longest-established car magazine now boasts the following features:

- Saddle stitching to boost awareness of Autocar as a weekly title
10mm extra width - along with extra height to make it stand out from its rivals on the newsstands
- High quality, glossy paper throughout, including the classified section
- Better and more detailed road tests than ever before, setting the benchmark in the industry
- A new editorial section at the back of the magazine, designed to push readers through every page
- An improved layout making the magazine easier for the reader to navigate

“We’ve invested heavily in improving Autocar’s road tests,” said Fuller. “All vehicles will now be tested on both wet and dry tracks, improving the benchmark that Autocar is already renowned for.”

Editor Chas Hallett added: “We want enthusiasts who might never have bought Autocar before to pick it up and read it. We’re confident that if they do, they’ll keep coming back. And that way we think we can boost our sales.”

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