Bentley Brooklands destined to become collectors' classic

Bentley Brooklands destined to become collectors' classic  
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on 06/11/2007

Source: Bentley

Since its launch at the Geneva Salon in March, the new Bentley Brooklands has captured the hearts of customers across the globe, with the first year’s production of this hand-assembled, luxury coupe already sold out. Speaking at the recent opening of a new dealership in Istanbul, Turkey, Dr Franz-Josef Paefgen, Bentley’s Chairman and Chief Executive, said: “The interest in Brooklands since its unveiling in Geneva has exceeded our expectations. It is surely destined to become a collectors’ classic.”

The lifetime production of this luxurious coupe will be strictly limited to just 550 cars, ensuring exclusivity. Deliveries to customers begin in the first quarter of 2008.

The Bentley Brooklands marks a return to Bentley’s heartland. For decades powerful coupes have been icons of the Bentley brand and the Brooklands continues that proud lineage.

As a coupe, the Bentley Brooklands is unique, its remarkably spacious cabin providing the ultimate in first-class travel for four adults at any speed. The low, fast roofline with dramatically raked front and rear screens and muscular lines give the Brooklands a distinctively sleek, sporting stance. The effect is contemporary yet unmistakeably Bentley.

Brooklands’ enhanced chassis provides the handling to match the awesome power of the 530bhp (395kW) twin-turbocharged 6 ¾-litre engine, the most powerful V8 that Crewe, Bentley’s home for over 60 years, has ever produced. This legendary engine also develops the highest-ever torque output of any V8 automotive engine in the world, producing 1050Nm (774lb.ft).

The Bentley Brooklands – Latest News in Brief

· Supercar performance from luxury four-seater coupe:

o 0-60mph in 5.0 seconds (0-100km/h in 5.3s).
o Top speed of 184 mph (296km/h).
o 50 to 70mph in just 2.4 seconds (80-120km/h in 3.1s).

· Record power output of 530bhp and 1050Nm of torque from handbuilt 6 ¾-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, including:

o New free-flowing air induction system and sports exhaust.
o Recalibrated valve timing and engine management systems

· Dynamic handling combined with superb ride comfort:

o Very stiff platform and uniquely engineered chassis with specially developed 20-inch wheels and tyres as standard, that combine Arnage T handling with Arnage R comfort.

- Optional carbon/silicon carbide brakes:

o The largest diameter discs of any production passenger car on sale today.
o Discs last the lifetime of the car and pad life is doubled, under normal driving conditions.
o Virtually fade-free use time after time.

· Most spacious rear cabin of any coupe in the world.

· Bentley is the only manufacturer to offer as standard a cabin trimmed entirely with leather hides.

· Full order book for first year, with lifetime production limited to just 550 cars.

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