BMW 7-Series plus M kit or a M7?

BMW 7-Series plus M kit or a M7?  
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on 06/03/2009

This is a never-ending speculation. Why won't BMW spill the beans with a press release?

Motor Authority published a set of images which allegedly is the M7. BMW denied plans or ideas of such a vehicle long time back, but hey, they denied plans of the X5M too which eventually made it to reality.

BMW was on the verge of an 8-Series with similar specification, and styling dependent on the CS Concept, but later decided against it. If what you see here is a M car, it will be the most powerful BMW, likely to output upwards of 600hp (448kW) and 738lb-ft (1,000Nm) of torque.

This new sparkling super sedan is one of BMW's most safely guarded secrets in recent times. Every one of their models have been spotted and identified during testing stage, except for this one, which is giving auto blogs around the world a hard time. Every blog has its own version, and the manner in which they portray it, colors several impressions.

The air intakes, bonnet bulge and larger brakes are dissimilar, but that does not mean this is a M car. It could even be a M kit for the 7-Series with just minor upgrades.

The alphabet ‘M’ maybe most powerful alphabet of them all. But we've come to know that it can be the most confusing as well!

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